Welcoming the Dawn

Painting by Ken Bushe. Adore his spectacular work at http://www.kenbushe.co.uk/

Just for today,
I am comfortable with my light,
I am comfortable with my strength,
I am at peace with peace,
I live in harmony with myself,
I co-create with the sun,
I let Source run this new day.

So today
my light is my comfort,
my strength is my comfort,
peace is my delight,
I dig the harmony within and the harmony without,
the sun is my boss, I am the apprentice,
Source is what I am made of
and what makes me an artist.

All resources are ready for use.
My name is on the contract.
Today I bring heaven’s song to earth.

This day is a piece in the pattern
that blesses the web of life.
I craft it well.

Ah, what privilege it is
to be called to work like that.

18 April 2015

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