Closing The Gap

Overjoyed after closing the gap. Photo by iStock.

Finding an unexpected treasure is a wonderful surprise.

But finding exactly what you want and that fits you to a T, that is mind blowing.

Therefore, prepare for it.

Prepare for the mind blowing experience? Yes, sir. Yes, ma’am. — That is what I am talking about!

Guide your mind to the things that you want to make happen, feel, taste and know. Use your mind like a camera that zones in on the objects it wants to show.

Once you are in touch with what makes you happy and what you truly desire, you have an advantage: because you have employed your mind like a detective. Like a detective, it will seek the plane that matches your energy, your idea, your inner conversation, and find it.

That is how you co-create reality.

Nothing worth having is given to you without effort on your part or some form of loving acknowledgement.

Even the things you have received freely — starting with the support system of the earth, the sun, water and air — only become treasures to you, once they are part of your value system.

12 March 2017

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