If It’s Important, You Make Time For It

Today I am grateful to the teachers who have taught me by example that everything precious to you must become a priority, a structure in your time, something you tend to regularly. Or it sinks in the background, and you forget about it. … That time management could be a mirror of values was aContinue reading “If It’s Important, You Make Time For It”

No Perfect Time But Now

Please don’t wait until you are dying, or severely sick, to be loving or to shine your light. Please don’t wait until you are in big trouble to be decent and compassionate. Please don’t wait until others wake up, or stop bitching, for you to act in a constructive way. Please don’t let the mountainContinue reading “No Perfect Time But Now”

A Teaching Moment

Plants – vegetables, fruit, flowers, bushes, trees – are worth every fatigue they might cause you while you tend to them. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same of people. Hmm. When you garden, you develop the traits and the manner that will improve all your relationships with people. Plants teach patience, respect, appreciation, receiving andContinue reading “A Teaching Moment”

Disconnect From Aversion. Connect with Inspiration.

The obsession with The Bad Guy kills, or warps, solution-oriented thinking. You can notice that in politics, in private life, in the way society or a community organizes itself… and in all the glorious ways a person lets go of self-sabotage and starts living. The more energy you spend on a destructive personality who willContinue reading “Disconnect From Aversion. Connect with Inspiration.”