Appreciate Good People

Appreciating good people (really, really appreciating them) and losing the taste for bad company is a skill you can learn… and practise for the rest of your life. It takes a small adjustment on your part. But this choice determines how you feel about life. It also ensures that you pay attention to what youContinue reading “Appreciate Good People”

Disconnect From Aversion. Connect with Inspiration.

The obsession with The Bad Guy kills, or warps, solution-oriented thinking. You can notice that in politics, in private life, in the way society or a community organizes itself… and in all the glorious ways a person lets go of self-sabotage and starts living. The more energy you spend on a destructive personality who willContinue reading “Disconnect From Aversion. Connect with Inspiration.”

Support Those With a Loving Consciousness

Even the cruel have something to share that is true, well-observed, or thought-provoking. Unfortunately, they also read the approval of one brief conclusion as the approval of their actions. Bending over backwards to prove to them that they are loved too is a tactic that ends up with results that are the opposite of whatContinue reading “Support Those With a Loving Consciousness”