Encourage Beginners, and Praise the Advanced.

Do the opposite of what a culture does that raises anti-knowledge narcissists who expect a boost of support for showing up alone and not when they offer something remarkable — knowledge, their humane traits, an aptitude to serve the common good, a benign orientation. Narcissists operate by love bombing the newest target they try toContinue reading “Encourage Beginners, and Praise the Advanced.”

Disconnect From Aversion. Connect with Inspiration.

The obsession with The Bad Guy kills, or warps, solution-oriented thinking. You can notice that in politics, in private life, in the way society or a community organizes itself… and in all the glorious ways a person lets go of self-sabotage and starts living. The more energy you spend on a destructive personality who willContinue reading “Disconnect From Aversion. Connect with Inspiration.”