Disconnect From Aversion. Connect with Inspiration.

The obsession with The Bad Guy kills, or warps, solution-oriented thinking.

You can notice that in politics, in private life, in the way society or a community organizes itself… and in all the glorious ways a person lets go of self-sabotage and starts living.

The more energy you spend on a destructive personality who will never help you and even feels flattered by the attention he receives, the less clearly you can think, the weaker your position becomes – because you are merely reacting, bending your mind into spaces that are confined, instead of using your attention for your goals and the milestones that fulfil you.

If you have to get obsessed at all, get obsessed with really good people who can be role models for you when you want to excel, heal a situation, or weather a crisis. Appreciation opens your heart, so you can think of your options in a much broader and more integrated way.

Maybe you have convinced yourself that you don’t need “anyone above you”, but that is a thought you can only arrive at when you neglect your feeling nature. It is totally normal to be in awe of people more skillful than you, especially in the fields that are important to you. That is why we admire the gifted who combine their interests with stamina: they allow us to dream of our own better selves.

Examine who is benefiting from the obsession with The Bad Guy. And why the few practising Patanjali’s key, “disregard of the wicked”, are the most refreshing people you will meet. Perhaps you will catch your focus the next time a new bad p.o.s. gets to be in the spotlight, reorient it, and think of someone inspiring instead, someone who motivates you, or someone you love. This tiny shift in your mind can raise your vibration very fast. You may find an answer to your actual challenge, you will take initiative… instead of getting drained by some situation that isn’t yours to be responsible for.

Bad Guys are a colossal waste of time, keep triggering the fight or flight response, do not contribute to your journey whatsoever, except pain and more disillusionments (that is their mission, pain and disillusionments), so withdraw from the drunkenness with them.

Go sit by a water body, admire the plants, think of what is good and who is good. And celebrate the hours when you were manifesting, involved in meaningful activities or enthusiastic…

… while everyone else got shaken up by another story about another Bad Guy.

Connect with love and with inspired states. Disconnect from aversion and from the need to respond to toxic actors in the great tapestry of life.



25 April 2020

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