There is Life After Bruises, Haphazard Choices, Being a Victim, Chaos and Tears

Tina Turner, with Erwin Bach

I learned something pretty interesting this week, when I listened to an interview where Tina Turner presented her autobiography.

Tina Turner, who is known all over the world for her singing, long career in rock’n roll, and, more recently, for chants for peace and unity, her leaving a turbulent, loveless, violent marriage (to Ike) in her young years, because her mindfulness practise gave her the strength to do it, and her mind-blowing success after she dared to strike out on her own. She is an icon beyond the world of music.

Apparently, her second husband, Erwin, whom she married after nearly 3 decades of cohabitation, donated a kidney to her in 2017, so that she could live. He is a lover!

The message of Tina’s life is: “Don’t put up. Don’t define yourself through mistakes. There is life after bruises, haphazard choices, being a victim, chaos and tears. There is your own path that you will walk. There is even love once you accept what is rightfully yours.”

I found her journey heartening. She is a treasure. Respect. Many more years of creativity to Tina. Nam myoho renge kyo.

My regard to a great partner too. And to all who love – you are the enlightenment of mankind. 

Spring 2020

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