Sanity In Relationships And In Life

Sanity is a great good. Sanity is very underrated too. Given the choice between “being swept away” and sanity, choose sanity. Because good love only finds you when you are sane. While in an imbalanced state, the affair that will find you might soothe you, or appear to be what you want, even distract youContinue reading “Sanity In Relationships And In Life”

If It’s Important, You Make Time For It

Today I am grateful to the teachers who have taught me by example that everything precious to you must become a priority, a structure in your time, something you tend to regularly. Or it sinks in the background, and you forget about it. … That time management could be a mirror of values was aContinue reading “If It’s Important, You Make Time For It”

What Is On Your Radar?

If you put what you want on your radar, you will notice it when it appears before you. If you prioritize what you want over other preferences and habitual preferences – and are consequent about it and give yourself no excuse to “miss” and ignore it – what you want will enter your field ofContinue reading “What Is On Your Radar?”

Rut? (What Rut?) Priorities! Flux.

There is no rut. There are routines that give your life stability, more calm, perhaps even more harmony. You benefit from that. That is not what a rut is. There are certain habits that keep you stuck. But you can change them. Not instantly maybe, but by moving into the habits that you prefer, gradually.Continue reading “Rut? (What Rut?) Priorities! Flux.”