Rut? (What Rut?) Priorities! Flux.

December sky in 2015. Photographer unknown.

There is no rut.

There are routines that give your life stability, more calm, perhaps even more harmony. You benefit from that. That is not what a rut is.

There are certain habits that keep you stuck. But you can change them. Not instantly maybe, but by moving into the habits that you prefer, gradually. That is possible at any time, at any age, once you set your mind on it… and keep at it.

On the interpersonal plane there is no rut either. Noone’s relationships are the same.

Run from the people who tell you “they are all the same”. Whether they talk about their exes, the gender or the group they are attracted to, or your own memories – through their lense -, their stereotyping should raise a red flag.

People who create the “same” experience over and over again operate from a limited emotional spectrum. To us who have a wide and nuanced palette of emotions, that is pretty much incomprehensible. (A therapist can do more about it than you in the informal setting of a relationship. Don’t try to be their therapist, please.)

Think back to the time of your childhood, your teen years, your young adult years. How can you claim that “every experience is the same” or reminiscent of another experience? Life has many layers, it is dynamic, it evolves. No experience and no individual are exactly the same.

And what about now? Are all your experiences really that homogeneous? Bring your alert mind to the hours of one day, to what you are doing, and how you are processing, and you will notice that every breath is fresh, every new action is fresh, every encounter is fresh. And while you are in the moment, you are showing up to something that hasn’t been before.

A sense of repetition is due to sloppy thinking and to projection, a mind that struggles to impose some kind of pattern on the outside and can not accept, or perceive, that that pattern is within.

Life is movement. Life is impermanent.

Therefore there is hope for everyone: you can find pleasure in the moment and pleasure in the progression, and you can find evidence of the workings of the law of attraction.

You gravitate toward more and more health — if that is what you choose.

Rut, to a conscious person and to a person awakening in consciousness, means nothing but priorities.

Priorities are in your power to change. Remember that.

1 November 2015

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