The Sun Of Your Time

When you fully accept that everything is as it is and will offer more of the same and everyone is as they are and will offer more of the same, you can locate where love is and what you care about deeply. What you care about and where you experience love is where you are in input mode and where you train your gifts.

That space can make you immune to the cycle of agitation that is thrown at you from the outside. By long and deep looking, you can predict that cycle of agitation. You can even use the mantra of “more of the same, more of the same”; so “do I say yes, do I say no” to it?

Self-discovery is the habit of choosing what you care about over and again, until it becomes your priority — the sun of your time.

Painting by Laura Lacambra Schubert

#nondistractedliving #lovebased #work #relationships #activism #creativity #resourceoftime #journeytoself

27 August 2017

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