Leading With Love:

Affirm Yourself Without Expectations On Others There are steps that you make out of self-love and self-respect or to reduce garbage and toxicity. Those actions may appear strict or weird to others. But you are doing them in order to maintain or create a higher level of health and to live in alignment with yourContinue reading “Leading With Love:”

Class – No Compromise, No Exceptions

Have Confidence In Your Guidance! Your husband, your wife is not coming when you desperately hold onto fuck boys or fuck girls. Your income is not where you want it to be because you don’t let yourself think clearly. You find yourself in soap operas, not even of your own making, instead of in aContinue reading “Class – No Compromise, No Exceptions”

The Spectrum of Promising Options

Choose to be realistic when people try to convince you that there is only one of two possibilities or a billion possibilities. Both extremes make you complacent and reactive instead of alert and wise. Between urgency without forethought and an indecisive spacing out, there is a spectrum of promising options. Some will fit into yourContinue reading “The Spectrum of Promising Options”