The Spectrum of Promising Options

Choose to be realistic when people try to convince you that there is only one of two possibilities or a billion possibilities. Both extremes make you complacent and reactive instead of alert and wise. Between urgency without forethought and an indecisive spacing out, there is a spectrum of promising options. Some will fit into your schedule, some are worth your time, some will satisfy you, and the one that is the best will emerge once you are engaging with it, instead of overestimating everything you are being told.

If what you are being told is something you have come up already, see it as a sign of concern for you and that you are already broadcasting the vibration of where you are going. Don’t count on it, though — for those who are perceptive enough and who see what is available to you are few.

The path is made by walking, not by following narratives. Check in with yourself and notice where your mind and heart are in agreement, that place of harmony from which you have made your best, your most informed and most rewarding, choices. This is the place to go to when the voices outside become too loud, too flat, too disappointing, and you can not identify your self with anything presented to you.


15 July 2018

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