Earth Send On 14 April 2023

Oil painting by Louis Turpin whom you can visit @ A wonderful creative!

Welcome to this week’s Earth Send, welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth.

All requests for reiki are being answered today. All requests for other spiritual assistance through light, prayers and good thoughts are being answered today.

If you sense that a region needs a boost of energy and loving attention, hold it in your awareness and do what you are directed to do. We are also showering each other — the participants — with reiki and blessings.

The surprisingly warm weather in my region may be short-lived, after all, it is only April, but it is a welcome shift from the freezing rain of last week: plants are shooting out of the soil, buds have opened on the branches, the air is filled with botanic scents. The city looks transformed by the sunlight, people are gathering in a good mood. It is amazing what a little sun infusion can do. Maybe we can think of the warm, luminous spotlight on our life conditions as a similar force that transforms the ordinary into something lovely and loveable, like the sun light that casts a glow on the city and the land after a period of little warmth and light.

Let’s start this session by appreciating the teachers who have opened our senses, our horizon and our ability to make sense from data, who woke up our love for learning and planted the seed that life long learning could be rewarding, essential, a ticket out of dangerous neighbourhoods and ill-fitting conditions, and an unsuspected thrill. Earning a living is something the Western world takes for granted, but in many regions of the world it is not as common, and being taught how is something that we can be grateful for. The efforts of our instructors were not in vain. Thanks to them, we are capable of accomplishments that many of our ancestors could not conceive of, but would have traded places for.

Then, let’s appreciate our elders who cared for us when we were still unable to care for ourselves, who came through for us when we struggled and were vulnerable, who gave us a pep talk when we couldn’t make sense of the scenes that we witnessed, who taught us about domestic life, who gave us clues about family culture. Maybe someone in our family taught us to ride a bike, gave us a space to cultivate a hobby, gave us exposure to the business world and confidence in our skills and gifts. Maybe someone in our family was lit with delight about a topic and activities that ended up being very useful to us later. Let us remember them with warm thanks today.

Just for today, we will let go of anger and worries.

Just for today, we will appreciate the blessings that we enjoy — unearned and earned.

It is good to pay attention to all the progress that we have made in the last months. As subtle as they may be, stepping back and noticing the results of our efforts is healing and can motivate us to keep going. Let us bring the focus to ourselves, to our initiative and to the evolution that we have committed to. Let your gratitude spread in the body for the spark of fresh ideas, for the energy to materialize inspirations, for the satisfaction of completion and for the satisfaction in renewal. Let’s keep moving in that direction. Let’s bring more designs and creativity into our world.

Just for today, we are working with honesty in our income generating commitments and on our attitude.

When we correct our attitude, we often discover that the quality of our own life can improve with a few tweaks and regular reinforcement. Bring your attention back to yourself. Learn to bring all scattered attention to the here and now and to what you can influence.

What you can influence is yourself, your use of time and resources, your conduct and your thinking.

I want to thank all the people who have reminded us to stay sane, to become healthier and more functional, to develop skills and to envision a more joyous tomorrow in the last years, when it was not exactly easy to stick with courage and clarity.

Self-development brings lasting rewards and self-worth. Nothing is more fulfilling than becoming who you were meant to be. If you had many obstacles to overcome, you will cherish your journey all the more and perceive more to appreciate in yourself, in your peers, in other survivors, in all your companions.

Deep thanks to the Earth that has been providing us with sustenance, memorable lessons, dreams about how we can flourish and the vision of a Garden Of Gardens that we can co-create.

May your garden get a boost from the sun light of the season and the light switching on in your mind.

May utter well-being mark your day. Happy Friday. Itadakimasu.

14 April 2023

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