Earth Send On 7 April 2023

Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life, welcome to our Earth Send. The power of love that brings us together to our healing circle even on a holiday is awesome, inspiring and awe-inspiring!

Everyone who is ready to receive reiki and has requested reiki is getting it today. Everyone who asked for spiritual assistance in form of prayers, good thoughts and light is getting that, too. Let’s not forget each other: every participant is being showered with love and with blessings in the now and with blessings forward into the future that we are materializing.

We thank our ancestors for their lives, their caring and their proactive and positive expectations about the future, because our lives, our caring and our anticipations about the future are directly linked to them.

We thank our teachers for waking up the love of learning, the ability to make sense from the data that we gather and the enthusiasm of exploring favourite topics. We thank our most memorable teachers for guiding us to health, purpose, self-recognition, knowledge and service.

Just for today, we are letting go of all the stresses, all the worries, all the angry conclusions of the recent past. Perhaps we can starve those mind formations in the next week, too, and remind ourselves that we can be free of them.

Just for today, we let sincerity be the principle in our communications and chores. In the Western world, this is not a day for work in the outside world — something we can be grateful for, too. But work in a household is work as well. Just for today, let’s acknowledge unpaid and less visible work, the upkeep of family, domestic and partner harmony, home maintenance and child raising as work that we can bring our honesty to. Society may be a bit slow at recognizing these contributions as labour, but they are essential for healthy functioning, to our identity and to our happiness. Being grateful to the completion of such tasks — by us and the people in our household who cooperate in these processes — and being honest about the value they bring to us is appropriate.

Of course, there are people who work in the outside world on this day, too. Perhaps you are ordering food from them? Consider tipping them. Or express your gratitude to them, as, thanks to them, your day is a bit more enjoyable and the quality of your life is growing.

We also thank the sun for the life that it is responsible for. Just for today, open your windows and let the sun light come into your home.

If, for some reason, you missed the opportunity to declutter your home this spring (this fall, if you are joining us from the South of the globe) or to detox your body from the previous season, check your calendar and schedule the hours when you will go through your home, get rid of junk, donate objects that are in good condition but do not suit you and clean up; schedule the hours or days when you will fast; identify the first day of a new regimen that you wanted to commit to a while ago.

It is not too late, it is never too late to clean up your life, to clean up your home, to streamline a few routines, to clean up your finances and to introduce better habits.

People who have reached expert level at these aspects of life may not understand that they challenge so many of us, and also the very disorganized project a matter-of-factly spontaneity onto such projects, but the practical, including me, know that we have to schedule these types of goals. That otherwise they won’t get done. Life is full of ups and downs, and without a plan and a decision about the exact times when you will make it happen, everything not absolutely necessary gets dropped in an instant. So please make your plans real by putting a date on them. Once you start, it will be easier to make the next step and the next step and the next step…

Go over your list of gratitude and visualize the human faces behind these goods that you have access to today. Send all these people your thanks telepathically. If you feel inclined, comment below who you are grateful to on this day.

I want to express thanks to all who have enabled peace, prosperity, an evolution in consciousness, kindness and appreciation in the last five years — in my neighbourhood, in my city and in the world. We have had a few challenging years. Some people dealt with it with prosocial realism, foresight, sensitivity and skill: you are my heroes.

May this Friday refresh you and renew all your cells.

To all observing the Easter weekend, have a beautiful experience. To everyone else: it is good to have a long weekend, so make the best of it.

Itadakimasu, in gassho.

Good Friday 2023

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