Go to the Root

When you stabilize your life, mood, finances, you will talk about other topics than about the long list of issues that make you angry, the apologies about why you can’t enjoy your calm and historically remarkable liberties and safety, and you will be less interested in portraying yourself as unworthy or a castaway. Perspective comesContinue reading “Go to the Root”

The Zone of Lovely

Whether something comes to us freely or with a lot of effort is quite irrelevant. What counts is the feeling that it elicits. When we like it, we take care of it. Ambivalence or outright dislike can not draw out responsibility and loving behaviour — not in the long run. What we truly care aboutContinue reading “The Zone of Lovely”

For Out Of the Heart the Mouth Speaks

“For out of the heart the mouth speaks.”Jesus Once love is there, the will will be there. People heal and rearrange their lives once their heart is ignited, once their heart chakra is activated, or in plain language, once they care. When there is abundant love pouring from the heart, it goes up to theContinue reading “For Out Of the Heart the Mouth Speaks”