Go to the Root

Quebec artist Franco de Francesca titled his work Drive Core

When you stabilize your life, mood, finances, you will talk about other topics than about the long list of issues that make you angry, the apologies about why you can’t enjoy your calm and historically remarkable liberties and safety, and you will be less interested in portraying yourself as unworthy or a castaway.

Perspective comes from perception… If you were to change your perception from “I am picking up topics today that make me angry, uncentered, that make me feel stuck and poor” to “Wow. I am angry. What is going on inside me?”, “What would make me feel centred and grounded today?”, “What can I do about my income situation in the coming 24 hours?”, and you followed your answer, you would alter your perception for the better and feel more in your power.

If you could perceive yourself as the co-creator of your reality, would you recycle your own theses over and over again? Would you not notice that those theses, convictions, or your other repetitive patterns, do not improve your life at all?

A lot of people strain their brains and never find the answer to their most pressing problems.

Because that answer is not in analysis. It is not in airing all grievances in the hope that some smart listener delivers a smart comment. It is not in commiseration either.

That answer can only be found in integration and surrender: accept the cards you have been dealt and do something. Get involved. The solution is to get out of your head, and out of judgement, and to let go of the idea that you are helpless, or a pawn in a chess game whose players you can not identify. You don’t need a whole lot of brainpower to solve your problems, you need courage.

A lot of bright people are not solving their problems because they prefer theory, confirmations that their theories are correct, or senseless entertainment. They don’t let themselves fall into their hearts where their answers are.

They would rather hold onto their sarcasm about the conditions that they can’t agree with, onto their anger about some deprivation they felt, or onto their fossilized convictions that belong to the 20th century than drop into the heart and allow themselves a fresh perspective.

I am all for activism, contributing to a just society, political involvement, though not at the expense of solving personal problems. Sanity suggests that there is a time and place for everything. Help when you can. Support what you can. Adapt your daily choices to your knowledge. If you feel defeated, anxious, or dread about the future, start with yourself:

Start carrying down the issues that stand in the way of your contentment and the sense that you are “on the way”, moving closer to your goal. Try a new approach, something you haven’t dared to do before. Take a good look at everything that is working in your favour. Detach from infuriating news and infuriating speakers. Find what you can approve of in your life and about yourself now.

Ask yourself: is there a solution that presents itself? Perhaps you can not perceive it because you are in your head, playing old tapes and ideas that don’t help you, analyzing trends over which you have no control, defending your stance. What is that solution? Sink into your legs, into your gut, into your heart. Shift what you can shift on this day.

Social media has become the new TV, broadcasting all the disempowering, why bother, doom and gloom, we are screwed, cynical, cartoonish, anti-social messages you can imagine. The medium is not responsible for that; the users are. Many are unconscious of their feelings, their consumerist mindset (“Make me laugh, gadget!”), and their wish to escape.

Of course, one can make the case that social media is an opportunity for inspiration and good. But only a minority are using it for good and inspiration.

Since it has become the new TV, viewer discretion is advised as well. Be mindful about what you feed yourself. Everything that you take in settles in the body or settles in the mind. It either strengthens or it weakens you. It affects your health.

Go to the root of your problems. Now is the time. This is how you soothe and befriend your feelings. You see the world with new eyes when you are solving your issues. While in the whirlwind of reactions or while you are dissecting information, you are telling yourself a story. Any story you could tell yourself barely scratches the surface of what the quiet in you already knows.

26 July 2020

2 thoughts on “Go to the Root

  1. Everything begins within us. Until inner transformation takes root the world outside of us remains as it is. Then should not lessen our confidence but build upon it as in trusting ourselves.

    When I had the inner resolve to lose weight and become healthier. The way this began I shifted my perspective. I saw myself whole, healthy and beautiful I was in the moment. I held that image every day doing my meditative walks, choosing what I put into body, thoughts in my mind and I began to change, to transform.

    For some who say “Well that may work those issues but…” I respectfully disagree. When you we can do shist of perspective on a “little” thing we can do this with a major issue. It comes to where we can little, big, major, etc are all a matter perspective. There is neither. Rather to potential to transform.
    In the Medicine Cards there is a single sentence that carries enormous transformative power under Raven. Magic is a shift in consciousness. When you shift your consciousness you are shifting your perspective and vice versa. Our reality, both inner and outer, shifts because we have touched that We Are Magic.

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  2. Lovely!
    Any problem can be solved easier and faster, when you ask yourself – what is it, the problem really wants to tell me?

    If you go there, then you access the deeper level of the problem, you get the whole answer, not only bits of it.

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