For Out Of the Heart the Mouth Speaks

“For out of the heart the mouth speaks.”

Once love is there, the will will be there.

People heal and rearrange their lives once their heart is ignited, once their heart chakra is activated, or in plain language, once they care. When there is abundant love pouring from the heart, it goes up to the throat, the chakra of self-expression and will. That is the flow of the life energy within. Nothing needs to be done about it, it moves to the next stage organically.

You can see the opposite too: people who yearn to find meaning, yearn to find something or someone to care for; but they yearn, they aren’t moved, they don’t develop empathy, they don’t make the effort to learn and to give, the energy of love is not flowing out, and — they don’t change their lives, they don’t heal. They keep yearning; they stay stuck in yearning.

Our culture too suggests that we first develop will and self-expression, expecting that love will come eventually. Sometimes that happens. Often it happens in ways that have nothing to do with how that person has been prepared to be or to think: the heart speaks one language and the imprints another. The clash is there, because the development started in an area where the next stage of integration (which would be here — to listen to the heart) goes against the flow. The person must sink into the heart. As the heart is underneath the throat (will).

That is a less smooth and less uplifting process than it is for a person who finds the ability to speak about something they care about and thereby experiences an unexpected expansion of their creativity due to expressing what is in the heart. Here, the energy flows upward. That is a delightful sensation that provides thrill, the sensation of going upward, even chuckles and giddiness, well-being in short.

It is not impossible to activate the heart chakra after the will chakra — in fact, a lot of people develop in that fashion — but it is much less harmonious and often a strain to the consciousness, because the things that have been learned do not connect at all with what the person truly cares about, is moved by, and how the person loves.

Once you let people find the things that truly move them, they find their power. Even if the aptitude is less pronounced in the beginning, they will grow from the love they feel, because they will show up for it.

So when the love is there, the will will be there.

The other way around? That path is not impossible, I guess. But the will will never influence the heart. The will will have to succumb to what the heart says, and eventually it will. It is a matter of time. Then the energy will make its path upward again, with all those good revelations pouring from the heart onto the tongue and into the ways the person manifests and creates.

Young people who haven’t yet fully adjusted to, or resigned to, the programming of society have the opportunity to learn that the biggest gift they will be giving to their families and to their communities is the love they find within and to pursue an interest that moves them very deeply. That heart-based path will be rewarding to them and will bless all they come in touch with. Because when you see an inspiration, a person who is moved and dedicated, you can not forget it, and it warms your heart too — because they are so alive and “different”.

Even if you are not a child or a teen you can reconnect with all those things that touch your heart. Today is a good day to do it.

4 November 2016

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