Loving It Forward

Illustration by James R Eads. Visit him at https://www.jamesreadsmerch.com/

From the human perspective, loving it forward is unrewarding, because we live in a world that worships scarcity and takes abundance for granted rather than worshipping abundance and taking scarcity for granted.

From the ecological view, however, loving it forward is the only way to stay in the flow of life: you give because you have been given. You show respect and gratitude for what you have been given by passing it on.

Only in romantic relationships, loving it forward is an attitude that is often misunderstood and ultimately unhelpful. Anyone can come and flatter you or distract you with erotic games from what you need to feel or from your life’s purpose; it doesn’t mean that they are able to be a partner, or yours for that matter.

The person who helps you manifest what you dream about and come into full bloom is your soul partner. That is not someone who will distract you. It is someone who focuses you.

In a bond like that, there is no loving it forward. You co-create together. Love grows from it, elegantly.

Don’t take that abundance for granted, although it might come along only a few times in a lifetime, or even just once. Worship that! It will be very easy too.

25 February 2016

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