Earth Send On 21 October 2022

We are meeting in our Friday meditation for the well-being of all life and in our reiki send.

Both the change of the season in the region where I live and the upgrades in my life have been so fast and complete that it will take time to put them into words.

(I may be a good communicator, and the personal news make me feel lucky and welcome, while the weather is the weather and I will adjust to it soon… But for the right words to emerge about the processes that have transpired, reflection is needed.)

So today I will linger in my gratitude, send it to the people who invited me to experiences that vibe with my energy and raise it and to wherever my gratitude can uplift other beings.

As a group of practitioners we can go deeper into our appreciation of unity, sanity and harmony – just for today.

May this Friday hug you with love.

21 October 2022

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