Earth Send On 14 October 2022

We are meeting in our Friday reiki send and our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth.

For several months, we have been centering ourselves in sanity, unity and harmony. Let’s do it once more.

We have also expanded our perception of gratitude: through discovery, sincerity and detail.

If you have picked up the hint, you have been writing down everything that you are grateful for, too.

Keeping a record of what you are grateful for only enhances your gratitude more. You can revisit these positive feelings as you read through them later. The record of your own felt gratitude also lets you detect topics and moments of flow and what genuinely improves the quality of your life. From there, bringing more of these and similar experiences into your life is a cinch.

Gratitude lists are for your eyes only, and the more personal they get, the better for you.

I understand that you want to share a few items on your list in some get-togethers.

But the practice of gratitude is not something you do for others. The reactions or non-reactions of people to your gratitude lists can be disheartening; and your record of gratitude is not about approval, acknowledgements, resonance or competing interests.

Let yourself feel gratitude in the way that feels most natural to you. Write it down – if you want to. That is all!

Another benefit to gratitude lists that I have never heard anyone talk about, but that happened to me, is that it becomes easier to envision yourself in the future. By seeing yourself in your future you speed up the process of living in the reality that thrills you.

The collective journey of all people and all beings is not in a single person’s power. What you can influence, though, is your own evolution. You can claim your power to create what has value to you. To shape your life feels very good; and it is what you were born to do!

May this Friday renew and refresh you.

Happy harvest season to all in the Northern hemisphere.

14 October 2022

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