Earth Send On 7 October 2022

Sunchokes stretching to the sky. October 2022

We are meeting in our Friday meditation for the utter well-being of all life on earth.

2022 is not over yet, but we can observe that it has been a rocky year for the world, with political dramas, threats of a world war, people provocating and promoting war-like attitudes online and having a million excuses for it; while on the other side of the spectrum, where we dwell, people have been healing, planning a better life, upgrading our education, skill set, network, friendships, neighbourhood, use of time, bank account, diet, wardrobe, influence, and, last not least, our preferences. It is never too late to choose better for yourself; it is how all meaningful change starts.

What I will remember of this year is that it has been pretty dynamic so far. To some of us, that was a gift. To others, let’s say, people who are still immersed in a consumeristic mindset and who consume too much media broadcast or too much other unwholesome stuff, this year must have been disappointing and worse than the last.

The lesson that we can draw from it is that limiting consumption and taking breaks from being a spectator protect our health, our mental health and our goodwill, and that we can be grateful for this opportunity to heal, restore, renew and bring our best to all we coexist with — such decisions bring the harvest that we can feel good about.

Throughout the social distancing years, I have recommended that you take advantage of the exceptional situation and the slower pace of life and evaluate what you want to keep and what you want to let go of.

I took my own advice, of course. I found myself with very little that I wanted to take into the next chapter.

As I have let go of a lot of things, high quality household things and higher quality people have come into my life. The idea that your two hands can hug what is for you when they are free of what wasn’t for you applies.

May your Friday be smooth and light.

Reiki is flowing to all who requested and who gladly receive it.

7 October 2022

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