EarthSend On 30 September 2022

Aloha all, we are meeting in our Earth Send today, sending our gratitude to everyone who has been supporting us and who has contributed to the good in the world, sending healing to our recipients, to the rivers on the planet and to all our participants.

As our planet is dealing with so many crises, you can also send good thoughts to people who are in the midst of it and to all who are helping with skill. And, please, recall everything that is going well for you.

When an organ fights with an illness, the rest of the body kicks in and works overtime to clean and maintain it and bring it back to health. In a similar way, the earth body tries to balance and reactivate its own healing agents. Some of these agents are human. Today is an opportunity to thank them. So far, I have featured many on my blog, I am one of them, too, and if you are participating in our Friday circles even sporadically, you are one as well or one in training. So you can thank all the ways you have been able to raise the vitality in your own ecosystem by now. Over time, results are showing and adding up. Thank you for being involved in this effort.

Becoming aware of our gratitude, we are inviting the future that we want to live in, we are prioritizing what has value to us, we make more of it, and we linger in good feelings.

May your Friday be smooth and pleasing.

30 September 2022

#Friday #meditation #santosha #reikisend #TruthandReconciliationDay2022

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