Power To Where It Belongs

Radical self-acceptance: Once you are at peace with your own limitations, you can accept the limitations of others. For example: conflict addicts will not hear the subtlety, the sophistication, or the accuracy in your points. They are wired in a completely different way. Let them believe whatever they want to believe. Realizing your own needsContinue reading “Power To Where It Belongs”

Cessation of Conditioning

The poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, who was born on this day in 1792, mentioned in one of his writings (I can’t refer to it now, I am pulling it from memory) that men go mad with desire for the rare, exotic, withholding, and those they can not figure out. That may be a fair statementContinue reading “Cessation of Conditioning”

The One Who Inflicts the Wound Is Not the One Who Will Put You Together Again

Q: Should I tell the narcissist that the way he/she handled … ( … ) … devastated me? A: It doesn’t matter. At best he will be flattered that he caused a stir, had an effect, “another one stunned, by me”. But do not expect him to be moved. A narcissist is only moved byContinue reading “The One Who Inflicts the Wound Is Not the One Who Will Put You Together Again”

How to Beat a Narcissist

You can’t. Don’t even try. Though I have a tip that worked like medicine. I told the narcissist to take the fight out of his relationships and bring the energy into a cause. To be a warrior for a cause and not fire wars within his intimate bonds. Oh, he was so upset. The relationshipContinue reading “How to Beat a Narcissist”

Mutuality in Love

A huge disappointment is not the end of the story. Sometimes it catalyzes a profound level of appreciation for your life, for what you have done and for what you have given. Perhaps the event and the negativity that played out was not karma at all. But a way to bring your attention to yourselfContinue reading “Mutuality in Love”