New Territory

Painting by Eva Bartel. @

Open your mind to new thinkers and new thoughts if you want to manifest something unfamiliar to you, or if you are working on something that goes beyond your previous manifestations.

Expose yourself less to those who copy others and prey on your compassion, friendliness and know-how, those who keep recycling the attitudes of their adolescence, those who act like you are meaningless and should be as bored and unoriginal as they are. It is their right to remain in their patterns. Yet what does it have to do with you?

Open your mind to the journeys of those who manifested something that captivates you. Maybe they did it easier and faster than you imagine. Maybe there is only one ingredient or two that you haven’t explored yet that led to what they have created. Maybe you are only two steps away from your own dream fulfilled… And after you find out what those may be, you can take those steps too.

4 September 2019

#selfnurturing #freshness #courage

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