Which Wolf Is Being Fed? And Why?

Photo courtesy to Free Pix, detail. The scene is so reminiscent of Dad.

I have learned that, again and again: it is very easy to complain without contributing.

And once you contribute, you will feel less inclined to complain, and when you do, your complaints will be from power and for something, not from self-loathing and against everything.

I recall a conversation I had with my father 20 years ago. It was about a group of journalists who had been comedians before and were turning themselves into “flat, bought cowards”, as he called them. When I asked him why he was being so harsh on them, he said: “Those guys stand up in the morning and have nothing better to do with their time than to unload their self-hate onto their readers.”

That gave me something to think about. A lot, actually. I didn’t see eye to eye with him then; but that was a keen observation, and I let it sink in.

All that has become more poignant in our time, especially as it applies to the style of communication. The attitude is so common: spread discontent because you can, because they will eat it up, and never offer anything beyond drama. Like that, aggravation can go on and on, while those who experiment with, or provide, solutions remain in the background.

If you ever wonder why the wolf of hate is being fed rather than the wolf of love, the answer is: because the antics of the wolf of hate make more money than the happiness of the wolf of love.

27 November 2016

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