Design With Nature

Seasonal Cultural Rituals Boost Crafts, Connection and Engagement (And Can Phase Out Consumerism, Nature Deficit Disorder, Isolation and Other Dysfunctions) Life is worth living even if you don’t have access to art, music, literature and human expressions that feed the heart. But … you will always try to make up for the lack of harmonyContinue reading “Design With Nature”

Moonlight Song

Just like the joint pinereleases its pollen to the full moon light,let your powder of thanks, intent, and lovefly into the night of the full pink moon.It is for the highest good of all.It is for your highest good too. Wear the feeling of your satisfied dream.Savour how it fits you like a glove.What isContinue reading “Moonlight Song”

From Water To Wood, From Winter to Spring

A seasonal observation: Now that the snow and ice are melting on the surface of the earth that can not absorb it all at once, the notion that water – turning from its frozen state to liquid – is a metaphor for love waking up to itself doesn’t seem so far fetched at all. TheContinue reading “From Water To Wood, From Winter to Spring”

Cranberry Infused Water

Cranberries can be harvested now until the late fall. I am pleasantly surprised by how refreshing cranberry infused water tastes: it is tart, satisfying, quite complex, even luxurious. Cranberry flavoured water has many health benefits. It is a great immune booster. The good news is that prep time is super short. Drop a few cranberriesContinue reading “Cranberry Infused Water”