Design With Nature

Seasonal Cultural Rituals Boost Crafts, Connection and Engagement (And Can Phase Out Consumerism, Nature Deficit Disorder, Isolation and Other Dysfunctions)

Photo by Unsplash

Life is worth living even if you don’t have access to art, music, literature and human expressions that feed the heart.

But … you will always try to make up for the lack of harmony and lack of delight in beauty, often in unhealthy ways.

So a culture that includes the seasons in nature — spring festivals, trees coming into blossom, the arrival of summer, the abundance of fall, the stillness of winter, seed sowing and planting, and so on —, everyday crafts, food preparation — well, food is culture, by definition — will keep thriving, because it stimulates our creative juices, while consumerism, which tried so hard to replace culture, fosters delusions, dulls the senses, suggests that nothing is ever enough, that some new thing is around the corner that you can purchase, and it augments insatiability (when has that ever been a good thing?). No substitute for creativity can deliver what it promises.

3 April 2023

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