Earth Send On 12 May 2023

Everyday In Every Way I’m Getting Better And Better

— autosuggestion by Émile Coué (1857 – 1926). John Lennon borrowed it when he wrote ‘Beautiful Boy’.

Bleeding heart in a shade garden near me. © NJ, May 2023

Welcome to the splendour of mid May, welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth, welcome to our Earth Send.

All who have requested good thoughts, prayers, light work or some form of spiritual assistance, let yourself take in the flow of good vibrations coming your way.

All recipients of reiki, you have asked, so you shall receive: be ready to receive reiki now.

All who are participating today are recipients too, because we support each other, benefit one another, and beam reiki to each other.

As we join the circle, we acknowledge the land that we walk on and grow food in and the indigenous who have walked and harvested here generation after generation, and we renew our commitment to the 5 precepts of reiki. Just for today, we work honestly and we look within honestly, we shed anxieties and anger, we gratefully remember the ancestors who loved us and the teachers who cared about our progress and turned us into learners, we thank the blessings that we have utilized in the past and the blessings that we will tap into soon.

For a few months now, I have been trying to determine when the right moment would be to share my good news with you. Last night I sat with the question, and I sorted out that what I was about to share would fill up a book or two. Remarkable events keep happening in my life because I let them happen and because I keep clearing the path for them.

You can read in my last invitations and my essays what I am doing. I can assure you that after I finish my writings, I follow my own recommendations and I work on my life. For this reason, I can say that if you apply my suggestions to your situation, your life will feel like new, and you will make massive positive shifts.

Of course, I am aware that my articles can be consumed — like products rather than the fuel you can improve your life with —, even deconstructed and misused for self-pity. (Stranger things have happened!) I have no way to affect or speed up anyone’s receptivity. We hear what we want to hear. However, I have been introducing tools that lead to profound results both for the advanced and for beginners. I use these tools myself. I have experimented with them in very diverse settings including people who don’t believe in subtle realms, energy flow or the inner world. The tools work. Give them a chance, and see for yourself.

On this Friday, be free to bring your goals into this circle, so that we bless them and that you materialize them.

Please savour this scent-filled, green, lovely day in May, too. Around noon, I passed by many fragrant lilacs in bloom. I was amazed to see so many grow near train tracks. It made the ride quite magical. The lilac tree is another beautiful Balkan that successfully naturalized in a wide spectrum of hardiness zones and that, aside from a cold stretch in winter, doesn’t need much to thrive. Lilac blossoms are free aromatherapy and opulent classics. They are edible, too. You can use them in lemonades, drinks, spreads and baked goods. It is wonderful to notice so many homesteaders, foragers, herbalists, servers and chefs discover them again. I say “again”, because where I grew up, lilacs were a spring staple. They also featured in poems and songs and communal events in spring. So I have a lot of history with lilacs, and I am happy to spot them every year.

May your weekend resemble lilac perfume and connect you with utter well-being.

In gassho. Itadakimasu.

12 May 2023

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