Happy Birthday, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, born on 13 May 1956. Photo credit: The Art of Living, 2022.

I usually share my own material on my blog, but I want to publish Sri Sri’s speech today, on his 67th birthday, in the hope that he becomes a household name one day.

Peace to our earth, and coexistence to our human family who needs more support to steer toward bringing more healing – instead of more pain – to the planet.

On 24 October 2021, at the National Interreligious Conference inNagpur, India, he spoke:

“There is beauty in variety and diversity is the springboard of happiness.

The more the variety, the greater the joy. What is important to know and imbibe is that, while there is diversity, there has to be rationality and unanimity between the many traditions – ‘Vade Vade Jayathe Tattvabodha‘.

Lord Buddha was one, but Buddhism speaks of 32 different traditions and branches; similar is the case with Christianity and Islam. Hinduism, the most ancient of them all is known for its richness that flourishes in its uncountable, innumerous sects today.

Every path has its specialty, yet they all unanimously chant the Moolmantra ‘Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu’, May everyone be happy.

The intelligent relish and remain fascinated in such diversity, taking everybody along with mutual respect.

This is the sign of spirituality, which brings an upheaval in the energy of humanity.

Human life tends to have both needs and responsibilities.

When our needs are less and responsibilities more, happiness abounds. It is our dharma, our duty, to uphold the human values in the society that would relieve people of all sadness – ‘Dharmo Dharayati Praja‘.

All disputes amongst people naturally disintegrate when people are ready to come together in unison towards larger good. Every individual has a potential. Bringing peace where there is disharmony and igniting the fire of inspiration where there is lethargy is the duty of religion and spirituality.

Love and Happiness is the true nature of Dharma. As is the nature, so are we.”


With gratitude. May Sri Sri’s birthday be the festive start of another year of remarkable accomplishments and remarkable teachings guiding us toward self-acceptance, skillful use of energy, positive conduct and the co-creation of stress-free, violence-free cultures.

13 May 2023

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