Rain, the Muse, and Musings On the Rain In the Wet Microseason

In Early May, After Many Days Of Rain

Thanks to Freepik for the magical scene. I wish it was my own photo. (Pluviophiles, unite!)

The spring in rain that preps the soil for production is a great metaphor for the ingredient that will let the scales fall from our eyes.

We notice what plants have been growing, sprouting and stretching.

We notice that the streets look clean and well-kept.

Plants have alerted the ancestors that the land was fertile and would nurture them. With their beauty they inspired people to look and envision uses for their scents, aroma, dye properties and various benefits. Plants are a sensual, culinary, medicinal and aesthetic pleasure. Plants may have inspired the idea of a Creator — by the sacred geometry in their leaves, their diversity and even their green colour that most humans find pleasing. So there is a connective, awe-inspired, spiritual dimension in our relationship with plants, too.

And if rain can activate plant growth, it may as well have been seen as the catalyst that would positively affect the composition and productivity of the soil and initiate blossoming, thriving, fruiting, maturation and natural abundance.

These observations are not new, but it is interesting, and pretty groovy, to imagine people from many eras thinking the same thoughts — in the season of spring, especially.

That the streets, urban architecture and basically all buildings are refreshed and cleaned up by the rain can tell us that the structures of our lives might benefit from a polish.

Maybe we need not demolish what has been serving us and not buy into the notion that what we have built or what has been built — without us, but for our use, too — needs to be torn down and altered to a completely different shape.

Maybe it just needs a strong hose to wash away the muck, and those structures are actually wonderful, or decent enough, a space for culture and as of now not fully imagined uses.

While personal interior structures may well have been an assortment of constructs and predictability that provided something, “a thing” (!), to lean on in an unpredictable and often surreal world. Maybe your inner structures need that rain, too, from time to time, a bit of water, a good scrub… and not, as you assumed, an overhaul, in order to become visible to you as something practical and foundational, something you can build on and build on more.

2 May 2023

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