Jog Your Brain Into New Territory

In Ontario

It is not only “boss” to draw the best out of every situation and bring your mind to acknowledge what is good about where you are now and what you want to remember in the future, it also activates a new way of looking at life that is fun and very sane. You will notice after a few years that you have trained your mind to select information that helps you.

It helps you evolve when you must take the next step. It helps you to stay calm when emotions are running high. It helps you to listen to your heart when you find a lot of conflicting information. It helps you determine the most valuable knowledge to you. It helps you heal: you are letting the old skin heal while engaging with something positive, constructive and joyous – the memory you want to keep.

For example, you might be traveling to a difficult conversation, and the encounter turns out even more difficult than you expected. On the way back, you come across something that calms you, or you witness a charming and heart-warming event.

Go deeper into these benign, wholesome, strengthening experiences by writing about them, photographing them, keeping a record of them. Expand the time you linger in them.

It sounds like a very easy thing to do. It is. You only have to do it.


I developed the approach intuitively, in circumstances when I had to. I later came across the research of Rick Hanson. ( ) It encouraged me to refine it and explore it more methodically. Rick Hanson is a gift to humanity. 

1 August 2020

One thought on “Jog Your Brain Into New Territory

  1. Drawing the best out of all situations is a key foundation to our growth. We develop into a more conscious creator in and of our lives. All does mean including challenging situations. Those we can choose, even in the midst of hardships, how we will act. We are not able to decide how another acts toward us but we can choose how we respond. We become masters and stewards by we shift our perspectives especially with those. Ultimately we see that even the most challenging and seemingly difficult situations are designed by the Universe not be a hindrance nor “lessen” us. See ourselves as the Universe Sees Us. We can transform all situations to our highest benefit.

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