Articulate Gratitude

If you get a second chance after a traumatic period in life, or a third chance after making too many mistakes, or a fourth chance after a lot of heartache, those are real reasons to be grateful for. Sometimes they aren’t easy to put in words, because those experiences are monumental and rich in emotion, and words can sound too flat to carry the depth of the feeling.

But, remember, you are still breathing, you still have your hands and your mind to shape the future, the sun feels good on your skin, and that is plenty of reasons to be grateful for.

The privilege of using the internet to troll and complain also isn’t given to everyone, so that is something to be grateful for too. Only from the point of “how precious is my time” it is a lot more rewarding to talk about interesting developments, about what makes you tick, about what is cool instead of what is not… Or, in left-brain terms, to talk about the things you are actually changing rather than the things you keep observing and dissociating from.

Savour the good.

There are advantages even in settings you take for granted and have no conscious appreciation for, and they come back into focus after the loss of something you relied on heavily. Those things belong to the good too, to your plus.

Allow gratitude to bubble up inside of you. You will feel more balanced. You will be saner. Verbalize it to yourself too. Because identifying what you are grateful for brings your mind to the things you enjoy, that are given to you, a lot of it even without you needing to earn or demand it, and your naming them makes them more solid in your conscious mind.

#focus #gratitude #loveisattention #time #blessings #freshness #resilience

30 August 2017

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