70% Happiness

Painting by Nicole Roggeman

You don’t have to work hard to be happy.

What you have to do is relax more. Take care of your health. And choose your friends wisely.

As ordinary as it sounds, company determines how you feel about life. Most human problems, and nearly all grief, are due to company: the wrong crowd, shallow bonds, relationships that puzzle you because of lack of love, too few friendships, isolation.

Relax and maintain your health and make the right friends – that will make up 70% of your happiness.

Add to your quality of life by being your own friend. And leave some things to Mystery that you have no power over.

The formula Relax + Good Health + Make Right Friends even applies if you are into a completely different lifestyle, in a reverse way:

Be a better friend. Work harder. Keep hypochondria in check.

Life is simple.

What is not simple are politics, peace work, foretelling trends in business, halting the earth’s pollution.

Don’t mess too much with your psyche, or wish you had different traits. Instead accept yourself as you are. Do what you can to keep good habits and a good community. And give yourself to solving big problems that stir you.

Notice: ego is not a big problem.

Except for the people who make it so. Do MORE with your life than bashing ego – yours or someone else’s.

28 March 2015

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