Breathe In With Appreciation, Breathe Out With Gratitude

Once you notice the feeling you want to feel rising inside you and blooming, hold it like you hold your breath, then release it with gratitude to the All That Is. “Breathing in, I feel my bliss expanding; breathing out, I thank this life with my bliss.” … Pay attention to it. Savour it. TheContinue reading “Breathe In With Appreciation, Breathe Out With Gratitude”

Out Of Harm’s Way

Putting yourself out of harm’s way is a quiet and powerful form of self-love. Your body will thank you for your caring forethought. — Message in the meditation on the full moon in Libra to all who resonate, starting with me 1 April 2018 #vitality #luck #serenity #clearing #selfcare #selfparenting #mindfulness