Kindness Is A Love Language

It is the small gestures of kindness that arrive on time and that suit and soothe the situation that restore faith in humanity. It is the small gestures of kindness that let you know what love is. That love between people is real, palpable and alive — and a lot more than a dream orContinue reading “Kindness Is A Love Language”

It’s Not Them, Hey!

People are proud of who they are. If you want to help them, acknowledge them in their strengths. You know what, maybe they don’t need help at all. Maybe they love who they are. If you approach people with the intent to “raise their consciousness”, “give them love” or “advice”, ask yourself if the personContinue reading “It’s Not Them, Hey!”

Dawn of a Sublime Day

Honest Work, the Reiki Rule This is the dawn of a sublime day.I take the momentto welcome the highest vibrationinto my service, into my senses,into the ways I show up,how I dress and walk,talk and receivetoday. I intend to meet all my expectations:I face procrastination and conquer it.I move forward in a proactive style.I takeContinue reading “Dawn of a Sublime Day”

Right Livelihood: Blessing People and Your Income

Just for today, I will do my work honestly – reiki rule Consider making money not off the misery of others, but off people’s satisfaction, well-being, success. And if your work can not elicit satisfaction or well-being or success, at least don’t take away from it, but add some kind of improvement to their lives:Continue reading “Right Livelihood: Blessing People and Your Income”