It’s Not Them, Hey!

People are proud of who they are. If you want to help them, acknowledge them in their strengths. You know what, maybe they don’t need help at all. Maybe they love who they are.

If you approach people with the intent to “raise their consciousness”, “give them love” or “advice”, ask yourself if the person who needs that is YOU rather than them. That you need to experience yourself as a giver, or the capable one, and that it is you who needs to grow your soul and your life instead of them.

You will think in a much higher way, if you make yourself the focus. Service refines character, no doubt, but you serve better from joy and love than from an attitude that is too parental and correcting.

Someone had to say it, why not me?

31 August 2014

Photo of Lotus Garden by unknown photographer. The lotus is a symbol for the psyche that stretches from the mud and water into the light and grows a fragrant, well-shaped flower. The above was written for someone else. But I too need a reminder that people are like lotuses in a pond, perfect as they are, admirable, and will find their own truths… That it is enough to shine a bit of light on them… and keep all service light. To make my life work, first and foremost.

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