Heroes – Before and While Sheltering In Place

Painting by Frank Balaam. @ https://frankbalaam.com/

Our next Friday circle will be a tribute to “Just for today, I will honour my elders and teachers” (reiki rule).

My posts follow that principle quite regularly, because I honour a spiritual or creative ancestor on his/her birthday, in some cases, a sibling, and in rare cases, a spiritual descendant – because I see the same orientation in them or have been their teacher and inspiration.

This Friday will be a love and appreciation day to all elders and teachers who have moved on through the veil and have improved my life, and to the elders and teachers who are still on earth and appreciate the infusion of appreciation and positive vibes.

I will also request that parents who have been taking care of their children’s learning and progress while sheltering-in-place are part of our thanks this Friday. School is only one piece of life; what youth and children learn from their mother and father at home is so much more than a curriculum. All spiritual teachings worth their value speak about simplicity, becoming a good human being, living a heart-centred life… (and advise against getting lost in jargon, concepts that the mind can not grasp, concepts that can not be applied in daily life, chronic disgruntlement, seeking a responsible target not in the self but in groups way outside of the personal sphere — all habits that a lot of people in new age unfortunately get suckered in, instead of working on their success or on changing the things they can change).

Parents who raise their children with love are heroes to me – just like nurses, hospital staff, doctors, first responders are this spring. Because the will to peace and the skill of peace – the sure manifestation of a loving consciousness – are taught at home. Once that is taught at home, a young person never has to learn it in therapy after reckless behaviour, self-destruction, high drama, heart aches. I am grateful to see that many parents of our time are giving their best to raise kids who have the will to peace and the skill of peace. This is the gift of our era: that we are becoming more and more aware that we are setting a tone in our home and that we can fine-tune ourselves and work on our style and that our families benefit.

This week, Barbara Sher passed away, and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar had birthday yesterday.

Sri Sri contributes to social harmony between diverse people through yoga, meditation, peacework, and his program called The Art of Living.

Barbara Sher was a pioneer in the understanding that life time is precious and that you can claim your preferences and fascination as a compass to the life you were meant to live, and develop your preferences and fascination – because “purpose” is also fun, self-loving, light-hearted, and makes you a better person.

I am looking forward to Friday. 


14 May 2020

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