Venus and Jupiter Retrograde

Unknown illustrator

The most positive approach for this time is to not let your appreciation for your good fortune (archetype Jupiter) or for beauty and romance (archetype Venus) die, and to not fall into what everyone else is doing.

You can also direct the love you feel towards yourself and allow it to fill your heart every day. And you can stay aware of the blessings you enjoy and rock them.

I am the Venus/Jupiter combination, astrologically speaking. So I found it amusing to think of this time as a time without me, and my energy, and I recalled when I returned to places that I had been in often after long breaks and that they felt as if the joy and friendly vibes had gone out of them, and that there was less spontaneity, less chuckles, a more forlorn energy, a lot more autopilot.

These two retrogrades can turn into something like that: people feeling unconnected, impoverished, putting their foot in front of the other, not smiling a lot.

But y o u can put in the effort to bring Venus and Jupiter – happy, loving, self-loving, luxurious touches (Venus) and good-natured optimism and delight in what you have (Jupiter) – into your days. These retrogrades will be more fun for you, if you let those delightful experiences in and if you think about how nice it was, and is, to love and be a bringer of good news and lucky coincidences.

For highly introspective people, the retrogrades are opportunities to evaluate your history with love and good fortune – perhaps you can find an angle that will help you drop some weight of the past (“it was what it was, maybe I won’t take it personally, thanks to all that I have learned”) and move forward… with your genuine values.

I have committed to extra self care, regular sun baths, and I planted a few colourful flowers that I can look at often. 

The air is a tad gloomier indeed, but I am prepared to have a spring of good connections, a good use of time, and to listen to my comical, smart and warm family of blood and heart.

14 May 2020

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