Authoritarianism On the Rise

I feel sorry for the kids who imagine that some authoritarian jerk will clean up their communities (“society”) from “the undesirables” – the poor, bohemians, women, blacks, Muslims, anarchists, activists, and so on, whoever is deemed “unproductive” and not a fit with capitalism, or the regime they live in. They hope so hard that a forceful leader will heal, and can patch up, their father wound – the absent, uninvolved, never known, or cruel father of their childhood years. Yet that leader, though flattered by the projections and the attention of the masses, couldn’t care less about what their traumas are.

I don’t feel sorry for university professors who augment such projections, and benefit from the confusion of the young, because they know better. History has repeated itself so often in that regard that they are not naive to the psychological situation.

It is happening, unfortunately. The love of children may not come naturally to anyone, and there is a lot of room for love to evolve into something really good, into a power within — and love may be the only vaccine kids get against the programming of groups who believe that only an authoritarian jerk will clean up the world.

You can clean up the earth from plastics and nonbiodegradable, toxic trash. The world, the human family, was always meant to be diverse.

25 January 2019

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