Folly And Wisdom, In a Culture

A culture that mistakes its sages for fools and its fools for sages remains foolish.

A culture that looks up to harmless intelligence as a great good to aspire to is extremely intelligent, doesn’t hurt itself and it advances.

17 November 2015

2 thoughts on “Folly And Wisdom, In a Culture

  1. Hi! Just wanted to say hello because I still owe you an answer to your kind and long comment; I just haven’t had the time because we are so extremely busy because of the COVID-19-situation. Hope you’re doing well, love and greetings from Liv from DK

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    1. Oh, don’t worry, Liv, I had a few very busy months, and am looking forward to the end of this month, when I can write more too.

      Many blessings. I hope you enjoy this December. 🙂


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