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In a group of learners, who will be the one to learn the fastest and apply the content right away?

It is not the one who is being treated with the greatest respect. It is not the one who honours his time the most. It is not the least comfortable one either. And it is not the one with the most impressive brain power.

The person who will learn the fastest and who will integrate the lesson is the one who comes to study with the highest motivation.

You can have the other assets and some urgent need to change your situation, but it is only with motivation that you will make the leap and make the connection between theory and practice.

With motivation, you notice that what you are being taught is precious rather than something you should shrug off. With motivation, you don’t let yourself go numb to information that could open up your horizon, and you don’t comfort yourself with habits that keep others from moving forward. Motivation cuts through the fog. With motivation, you will master the topic, even if you are totally new to it and nothing in your past has prepared you for it.

21 November 2015

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