Spotlight On the Results

A lot of brilliant discoveries sounded odd when they were first presented. The minority of the emotionally highly intelligent and open-minded wouldn’t dismiss the information though, but met it with (some) curiosity, appreciation for freshness, even the attitude of “Hmmm, I wonder if that is useful in some way…”

An idea is not correct when it is established or when it is unheard of. An idea is correct when it proves itself correct. Let it be — neither fight it, nor attach yourself to it — until you see results.

The familiar is not always toxic and the novel is not always medicine; neither is the novel always toxic or the familiar always medicine. If you stereotype what you know, you will not appreciate what is good in it; if you stereotype what is new to you, you are being controlled by something other than your experience.

Learn by observing.

30 May 2017

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