To Mikao Usui In 2017

Mikao Isui was born 152 years ago. #reiki #founder It is easy to honour him as an elder and teacher, because the traits I like most about me have to do with my practice of reiki. It is good to notice that a different potential was there too, and could have been developed without reiki,Continue reading “To Mikao Usui In 2017”

The Practice Of Blessing Others and Self

The secret art of inviting happiness:the miraculous medicine for all diseases. Just for today ☆ do not be angry☆ do not worry☆ be grateful☆ work with diligence☆ be kind to people Every morning and evening, join your hands in meditation and pray with your heart. State in your mind and chant with your mouth. ForContinue reading “The Practice Of Blessing Others and Self”

To Mikao Usui In 2015

150 years ago, Mikao Usui was born, the founder of reiki. He couldn’t have known the impact he would have one day. He simply did what he knew: he offered a method of hands-on-healing and daily attitudinal adjustment to gratitude, respect of all contacts, ancestors and teachers, reduction of worry and anger, and mindfulness atContinue reading “To Mikao Usui In 2015”

Mikao Usui, Born 155 Years Ago

Just for today I am grateful to Mikao Usui’s birth and life and legacy. Just for today, I find his warm, sunny and generous nature in this warm, sunny and generous day. Just for today, I am grateful for the growing respect for all life on earth, nonhuman and human. A peaceable and loving disposition isContinue reading “Mikao Usui, Born 155 Years Ago”