To Mikao Usui In 2015

Mikao Usui (born on 15 August 1865 – 1926) with his wife Sadaki

150 years ago, Mikao Usui was born, the founder of reiki.

He couldn’t have known the impact he would have one day. He simply did what he knew: he offered a method of hands-on-healing and daily attitudinal adjustment to gratitude, respect of all contacts, ancestors and teachers, reduction of worry and anger, and mindfulness at work.

Over time, it brought well-being to many of us who chose to practise reiki. At first, reiki may have been a taste of what harmony could feel like, then what a good life might feel like. The practice of reiki manifested just that: a good attitude about life, expectation of regular miracles, serenity, focus, appreciation of all good things, a preference for healthy choices…

It is so good that Mikao was born and that he did what he did. I am grateful to him.

15 August 2015

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