Mikao Usui, Born 155 Years Ago

Mikao Usui (1865 – 1926) with the shade plants at dawn, on 15 August 2020

Just for today I am grateful to Mikao Usui’s birth and life and legacy.

Just for today, I find his warm, sunny and generous nature in this warm, sunny and generous day.

Just for today, I am grateful for the growing respect for all life on earth, nonhuman and human. A peaceable and loving disposition is a big gift to the collective consciousness.

Mikao Usui taught us healthy detachment from worry and fear, benevolent acknowledgement of the good in our life and of the web of life, gratitude to those who have walked before us and paved the way for us, timeless decorum and self-care that are expressed by the 5 guidelines of reiki. He also taught us trust in healing, trust in life and teachability.

I am grateful that he was born and that he developed reiki.

15 August 2020

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