Thanks to Barbara Sher

Barbara Sher in a workshop

Barbara Sher would be celebrating her 85th birthday today.

On her 80th birthday, I wrote about my gratitude to her:

“What would Barbara Sher do? That is the question I ask myself when I want to give up on my dream – because it seems so far out of reach, or out of habit or responsibility.

I like her approach more than any other new agey beating around the bush. It can be summed up as ‘Take your wish seriously. Think of how you can make it real. Act toward it.’

Happy birthday to a great teacher.”

On 14 August 2015

I wrote a short tribute to her on my blog when she passed away:

No amount of words will express how grateful we are to our inner mentors; we have to live that gratitude and create from that well of gratitude.

With appreciation.

14 August 2020

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