Opportunist Wasp

Photo by Rene Schwietzke, on Flickr

Wasps are meat eaters, I learned this morning.

I am not sure why I didn’t know that, maybe because wasps belong to the animals that interest me the least.

(Except when they compete for the piece of fruit I have my eyes on too, or when I get out of their way to avoid getting stung. I do it reluctantly, but getting stung has an even lesser appeal to me. My relationship with wasps can be summed up as “You again… Ugh… Blood sucker. Buzz off… Oh, I see… I’ll have to leave.”)

The wasp I observed earlier took a thin, long piece of meat, folded it several times until it could transport it, most likely as a gift for the young of its community. It was interesting to observe the insect’s intelligence and sense of order that came across from the way it packaged the find.


#weboflife #Gaia #recycling #foodsources

14 August 2016

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