To Mikao Usui In 2017

Mikao Isui was born 152 years ago.

#reiki #founder

It is easy to honour him as an elder and teacher, because the traits I like most about me have to do with my practice of reiki.

It is good to notice that a different potential was there too, and could have been developed without reiki, and that I made the better choice. It is good to be clear and centred and know inner peace throughout the years, steer away from artificial offers, insincerity and chaos, and to get stronger still.

Mikao Usui’s life is a good example to me that the world may deliver a lot of unhealthy events and attitudes, a lot of sorrow, and it will, and that we have a choice to bring soothing and restore harmony, even when it seems impossible.

Thanks and love and respect to a great man.

15 August 2017

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