Earth Send On 2 September 2022

Pink zinnia in my sun garden on 2 September 2022

We are meeting in our weekly ReikiSend and in meditation for the well-being of all life on earth.

We are grounding ourselves in sanity, unity and peace.

We are saying thanks to everything and everyone that has been supporting us, our creative processes, our evolution, our learning, our stability. It is so healing to linger in appreciation and gratitude. Take your time with it. Savour it.

We are also acknowledging all that is good and bright in our lives and all that we connect to from our heart. The reiki rule says, Just for today, I will be grateful for all the blessings in my life. Everything that brightens our days, that comes to us without a lot of efforting, that lets us feel abundant, secure, confident and thrilled are examples of such blessings.

If you feel moved, you can start writing those down. Writing them down, you make them more conscious… Making them more conscious, you discover more depth and breadth in your day to day life.

Last not least, we are committing to our health and healing in the coming months. The motto of putting on your own oxygen mask first is something we can apply in times of recovery and in times of surplus. What does it mean to you to commit to your health and healing? What steps could you take on behalf on your health and healing?

The earth that is so generous with us also responds in kind to loving attention; why wouldn’t we?

May your Friday be smooth and enjoyable.

2 September 2022

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