New Moon In February, New Moon In Aquarius: Brighten Up.

Start your day with cacao, if you can. If you don’t have cacao in your pantry, maybe you have all you need to make cinnamon and apple peel tea. The next time you go out, remind yourself that you wanted to try cacao and buy it. The two beverages do not have identical properties. ButContinue reading “New Moon In February, New Moon In Aquarius: Brighten Up.”

New Moon In January, New Moon In Capricorn: What Will You Grow?

New moon is such a juicy time of the month: cleansing, balmy, receptive, and a tad electric.  I know that I am not the only person who likes the ambience on new moons. Many people, especially those who have an excess of heat in the body, in the emotions, or in the thoughts appreciate theContinue reading “New Moon In January, New Moon In Capricorn: What Will You Grow?”

New Moon In Libra: Makeover

I took a much needed break on this new moon – to fill my cup and to observe the wonder of the season. I took some “me time” before I wrote down what I was shown would be the themes for this new moon in Libra – on Friday, 16 October – and the coming moon cycle.Continue reading “New Moon In Libra: Makeover”

Reiki Circle On 16 October 2020

May this day be a breeze and a moment of appreciation for the life we have been given and for the culture of love that we maintain. Our reiki circle is happening all day. Join with reiki and your gratitude any time. Happy new moon. It is in the sign of Libra, in the middleContinue reading “Reiki Circle On 16 October 2020”

New Moon in August 2015

#newmooninLeo This last new moon was so refreshing and memorable. I feel like I shed years in a few hours. Yes!  #grateful Life is beautiful not only when you know how to look at it, but also when you get rid of irritants, and that includes the ones that are not within. Unpopular perspective, yetContinue reading “New Moon in August 2015”